Hexagon is a globally leading supplier of clean energy technology for gas storage, distribution, fuel systems and drive trains. The production of Hexagon pressure cylinders and fuel systems are carried out in modern, automated plants in Norway, Germany and USA.

Hexagon offer a range of high-pressure gas storage systems for various applications including passenger vehicles, rail, marine and ground storage.

ENGV can provide Hexagon CNG storage solutions to Australia, suited to individual customer needs. Hexagon provide world leading technology in Type 4 high-pressure vessels for CNG.

EKC International is the subsidiary of Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited, India who have been producing cylinders for over 40 years. EKC specialise in high pressure gas storage for multiple applications such as health care industry, manufacturing, CNG vehicles and compressed gas storage and transportation.  


Coltri compressors from Italy are operational at over 30 ENGV-operated CNG stations across Australia which refuel compressed natural gas forklifts and heavy vehicles.

The Coltri CNG HD compressor range is designed for medium-sized filling stations. CNG HD series compressors can recompress up to 250 bar of natural gas and biomethane from previously treated and filtered from the supply line. Four stages of compression and low rotation speeds make the machine suitable for professional use. The remote control panel (5m cable) provides all the indications to operate with maximum safety.

The new Coltri CNG-Evo series of compressors have been designed to re-compress previously treated and filtered natural gas and biomethane/RNG. These compressors are designed for the refuelling of CNG vehicles in a range of sizes. The electronic control and command unit simplifies use with the automatic stop function with full tank and state-of-the-art safety systems.

KwangShin compressors from Korea have earned their reputation as a leader in the compressor market with over 40 years operational experience. KwangShin have developed reciprocating compressors for industrial and manufacturing processes. Based on decades of experience and technical expertise, KwangShin have also developed high-efficiency Air & Gas Turbo Compressors for electronic, ship building, automobile and chemical industries that require clean, compressed air in large air & gas volumes.


Compared to liquid fuels, natural gas is a cheap and eco-friendly alternative. New sources and extraction methods have increased the global supply and are facilitating the widespread use. The end consumer can significantly reduce his fuel and energy costs with natural gas and reduce the environmental impact at the same time. 

To enable the store and transport large amounts of natural gas, it is compressed into high-pressure vessels at pressures which typically range between 200 and 250 bar. For this type of application, Hexagon Purus offers a wide range of different sizes and storage volumes.

CNG Refuelling Stations

ENGV have designed, build and operate over 35 high pressure natural gas refuelling stations across Australia with two more currently under development. The CNG stations are a mixture of public and private refuelling sites, servicing CNG forklifts and trucks.

CNG as a transport fuel provides emissions and costs savings compared to diesel and improves air quality due to negligible NOx and particulate emissions. In CNG vehicle technology, the CNG fuel can be 100% replaced by renewable natural gas (RNG) without any modifications to the engine or vehicle so provides a technology pathway to low emission fuels which is available in Australia now.

Contact us today to enquire about converting your fleet to CNG. Try our emissions calculator here to see how much carbon you can abate by transitioning your fleet to lower carbon fuels.