ENGV awarded tender to deliver SimpleFuel to CSIRO's Victorian Hydrogen Hub

9th August 2021

ENGV Pty Ltd has been successfully awarded the tender to supply a hydrogen refuelling station at CSIRO’s Clayton Campus in Melbourne, in collaboration with its technology partners PDC Machines and IVYS Energy Solutions.
The refuelling station is a key milestone for CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission, which aims to support Australia’s clean hydrogen industry development. CSIRO has received over $1 million funding towards the project from the Victorian State Government and Swinburne University of Technology as part of the Victoria Hydrogen Hub (VH2) partnership. The station will provide hydrogen refuelling to CSIRO’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for demonstration and
research purposes, with the potential for further collaborative trials with additional project partners.

“The goal of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission is to support the vision of a clean and competitive hydrogen industry for Australia. We will do this by delivering research, development and demonstration partnerships which help make Australia’s hydrogen markets a reality. We are excited to be working with ENGV, PDC Machines and IVYS Energy Solutions
to establish this hydrogen refuelling system as a “real world” hydrogen technology demonstration as part of our Victorian Hydrogen Hub initiative with Swinburne University,” said Dr Patrick Hartley, Leader of CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission.

The SimpleFuel™ appliance is a new class of fully integrated hydrogen generation and dispensing systems capable of delivering up to 20 kg/day of hydrogen to vehicles at pressures up to 700 bar, using hydrogen produced via water electrolysis. The SimpleFuel™ solution is designed to enable a quicker realisation of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) adoption across the globe by providing a convenient fuelling network option for communities, businesses, and ride-share/fleet operators that are currently limited by a lack of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. ENGV is the local Australian partner for PDC and IVYS hydrogen solutions and is based in Melbourne – they will provide the local integration, installation and ongoing operational services for the station.

“ENGV is delighted to continue its success in delivering hydrogen projects in Australia as this project with CSIRO will be the 3rd hydrogen refuelling station delivered by the ENGV, PDC Machines and IVYS Inc partnership in Australia” said ENGV’s CEO, Sean Blythe, “We are
very excited to work with CSIRO and contribute to the Hydrogen Industry Mission through the deployment of innovative science and technology to demonstrate this revolutionary technology and ultimately reduce global emissions through the transition of transport to zero-emission fuel
cell technologies”

ENGV is an Australia based company providing sustainable gas technology integration, installation, and services. PDC Machines is a Pennsylvania, US based company providing hydrogen compressors, hydrogen refuelling stations, and related industrial products. IVYS Energy Solutions is a Massachusetts, US based hydrogen refuelling solutions company focused on bringing safe, cost effective and readily deployable dispensing and station
products to enable clean mobility. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia’s national science agency and works with industry, government and the research community to turn science into solutions to address Australia’s
greatest challenges.

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