Waga Energy

Waga Energy has developed a breakthrough technology which recovers landfill gas and upgrades to biomethane, also known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). WAGABOX® technology delivers high quality biomethane regardless of the quality of the raw landfill gas. The biomethane produced by WAGABOX® can be directly injected into the natural gas grid or used as a vehicle fuel.

Hydrogen Storage

Hexagon provides Type 4 cylinders across the hydrogen value chain with vehicle tanks for cars and buses, ground storage, transportation and backup power solutions. Hexagon’s Type 4 cylinders provide a lightweight, fatigue resistant cycling alternative to steel high pressure gas storage.


Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline™ solutions are certified for hydrogen distribution and the Type 4 tanks allow more gas to be transported in a given trailer space at up to 500bar.

KwangShin compressors from Korea have earned their reputation as a leader in the compressor market with over 40 years operational experience. KwangShin have developed reciprocating compressors for industrial and manufacturing processes. Based on decades of experience and technical expertise, KwangShin have also developed high-efficiency Air & Gas Turbo Compressors for electronic, ship building, automobile and chemical industries that require clean, compressed air in large air & gas volumes.