Hydrogen Technology


ENGV are proud to be Nel’s Australian partner for PEM and Alkaline electrolyser technologies.

With more than 3,500 electrolysers installed around the globe, Nel Hydrogen is the recognised industry leader or Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysis. When connected to a source of renewable energy, these electrolysers will produce green hydrogen, reducing your plant’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 

  • Alkaline and Proton® PEM technologies
  • Safe, clean and cost effective
  • Eliminate hydrogen delivery and storage
  • Scale to match any application

Hydrogen Compression

PDC Machines is an industry leader in hydrogen infrastructure.

Founded in 1977, PDC Machines have experience in over 4,000 compressor installations worldwide and over 420 of these are hydrogen compressor installations. PDC’s wide range of diaphragm compressors are non-contaminating, leak free and energy efficient with low maintenance.

Hydrogen Storage

Hexagon provides Type 4 cylinders across the hydrogen value chain with vehicle tanks for cars and buses, ground storage, transportation and backup power solutions. Hexagon’s Type 4 cylinders provide a lightweight, fatigue resistant cycling alternative to steel high pressure gas storage.


Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline™ solutions are certified for hydrogen distribution and the Type 4 tanks allow more gas to be transported in a given trailer space at up to 500bar.

Fuel Cells

PowerCell Sweden AB are the world leading hydrogen fuel cell provider. PowerCell fuel cells use hydrogen to produce electricity and heat with no emissions other than water. PowerCell has developed fuel cell technology for over 10 years and has perfected a unique design that offers world-class power density with the product’s compact design reducing weight and taking up little space in applications.

PowerCell products are scalable, modular and can be adjusted to suit the customer needs. PowerCell fuel cells range in capacity from 1kW units up to megawatt solutions to suit a range of markets including transport, marine, stationary and off-road applications.

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

Simple Fuel

SimpleFuel techology from PDC Machines and Ivys Energy Solutions provides affordable hydrogen for small-scale applications. At low volumes, traditional hydrogen supply methods are very expensive and small operations generally do not have affordable options to enable fuel cell usage e.g. forklift operators and small car fleets. PDC Machines and Ivys have a solition for this in the SimpleFuel. SimpleFuel provides a scalable, drop-in installation with a small footprint designed for both indoor and outdoor operation. Providing up to 20kg of hydrogen per day, this compact refuelling solution is the affordable future of refuelling for small hydrogen fuel cell forklift and car fleets.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS)

PDC Machines and Ivys Energy Solutions have a solution for large hydrogen refuelling stations. With PDC providing world leading compressors and Ivys leading the way in HRS Dispensing, the consortium currently has in operation more than 19 car refuelling sites, 20 bus refuelling sites and 10 hydrogen forklift stations.
ENGV, in partnership with PDC and Ivys are developing Australia’s first public hydrogen refuelling station in Canberra with ActewAGL. The site is designed to refuel over 20 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and will be commissioning in August 2020.