Melbourne Metro & Greater Geelong CNG Refuelling Stations

Project Name: Melbourne & Geelong CNG Refuelling

ENGV has designed, built and operates more than 35 compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations across Australia.

Typically, these include gas main connection, compressors, storage and a refuelling fill posts.

The CNG is used for fuelling mobile plant, like forklifts and industrial equipment.

The installation at OneSteel Geelong consists of a Coltri CNG compression and refuelling solution for CNG forklifts.

The conversion of forklift fleets from LPG to CNG provides financial savings to business operations through an efficient refuelling process and reduced fuel costs, using the sites natural gas connection. CNG also provides reductions in carbon emissions and created a safe working environment for employees through reductions in NOx and particulates upon fuel combustion."