TasGas Regional Energy CNG Mobile Pipeline

Project Name: TasGas Regional Energy CNG Mobile Pipeline

ENGV was selected as the partner of Enwave Australia for the delivery and ongoing O&M of the Victorian Regional Energy (VRE) project, an $84m project supported by the Victorian Government, which involves the compression and transportation of natural gas to supply energy to 10 regional towns across Victoria.

ENGV designed, supplied, installed and commissioned all 10 sites.

The Mother Station incorporates two KwangShin compressors to compress natural gas from the pipeline to 250bar into Hexagon multi-element gas containers (MEGCs). The CNG is trucked in MEGCs from the Bendigo Mother Station to each of the towns via Hexagon’s mobile pipeline model, where the gas is then decompressed and reticulated around the local natural gas networks.

This project has been successfully delivering CNG to Victorian towns for 4 years, with a second Mother Station currently being built in Geelong which will enable the potential future incorporation of renewable natural gas (RNG) into the energy mix!

Mother Station 2 at Cario in Geelong has recently been completed."